Yamazaki cake halal

Halal cake comes in many different shapes and flavors. It can be wedding cake or birthday cake, and is as varied and tasty as non-halal cake, including chocolatelemon, fruit and rice cake. The only difference is that they are made in accordance with the Islamic tradition and law of halal.

10 Best Bakeries That Offer Halal Cakes For Delivery In Singapore

Harammeaning unlawful, is the opposite of halal, which means lawful. Halal cake is made without alcohol or any haram products at all, such as certain ingredients like animal fat-based cake shortening. Food derived from pigs, carnivorous animals, and animals that have been improperly slaughtered are all considered haram.

Any grains, fruit or vegetables that have been untouched by haram products are considered halal and are permitted to be eaten. For a product to be considered halal, the animal it comes from needs to be slaughtered in the name of Allah. Haram and halal are terms applied to every aspect and action of Islamic life and are not simply related to food.

Many non-Halal cake recipes include alcohol to bring out flavor. Halal cake often uses fruit juice as a way of replacing the alcohol, as well as including flavoring from vanilla extract that is free from alcohol.

Bakers typically use shortening made with pork fat, whereas halal bakers will substitute this product with solid fats made from fruit instead. Substitutes made from from apples, prunes, and bananas all work well and still make for a good flavor. Gelatin that is derived from a pig is also considered haram and excluded from halal cake baking.

When making halal cake, bakers will take care not to allow utensils to come into contact with haram foods or surfaces. There are times when ingredients are questionable and they are referred to as mushbooh.

Usually these items tend to be gelatin and emulsifiers and should be thoroughly researched before they are included in the cake. When purchasing ingredients to make a halal cake it is important to read labels carefully and check whether the are halal or haram.

Each ingredient should be checked to see if it fits with the halal ethos. The product should not be used in the cake mixture if any items are found to be haram. It is recommended to discard the product if any ingredients fall under the mushbooh category, or to call the manufacturer to double-check. Please enter the following code:. Login: Forgot password?We cracked our brains and sifted out the 10 best bakeries in Singapore for you to ease your aching sweet tooth.

Konditori is an artisanal European bakery with bakes such as loaves, croissants, fruit tarts and cakes. The main star - Swedish Semla Bun, an almond paste with cream sandwiched between two buns. More information on Konditori here! Spatula Bakery started off as a home-based business back in and through social media and word of mouth, they now have a bakery based in Joo Chiat. The desserts are baked daily by the owner and her team of talented bakers. As like many similar bakeries, By ButterTrade started off humbly as a home-based business.

A unique addition by them is Workplace Thursdays, in which they bring their bakes to your office for special events or just to kick that mundane office routine out! More information on By ButterTrade here! Things Delicious certainly lives up to its name — everything is really yummy! All Things Delicious also doubles up as a cafe, so hop on to their website for the menu.

More information on All Things Delicious here! More information on The Twelve Bakeshop here! Mad Batter serves Halal cakes, tarts and all things sweet! In addition to that, they also hold baking classes for those cake enthusiasts that wants to go the extra mile.

Mad Batter works by online order and self-pick up at their bakery. More information on Mad Batter here! Plus, they have a pop-up stall at Takashimaya and One KM. More information on Butter Studio here! A bakery not to be missed - Fluff Bakery is the most popular among enthusiasts. Go for their interesting bakes with a delicacy twist such as Durian Pengat, Chendol and even Mooncake that only comes seasonally.

A tip for those coming down, queues starts even before they open and on most times sold out by the end of the day, so make sure to come early! More information on Fluff Bakery here!

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Wheebake makes freshly baked cupcakes daily. You can order party packages or drop by their store. More information on Wheebake here! More information on Riz Delights here!Can't get enough of pineapple tarts? Gift pineapple layers roll to your loved ones this Chinese New Year. This mouth-watering cake rolls baked with fresh pineapple will surely make you come back for more!

It is said that food is an integral part of Asian communities. The culture of eating together blossoms our relationships with friends and family. And we refuse to complete our meals without a piece of delicious cake. We are the pioneer in authentic Indonesian layers cake as well as honeycomb cake in KL-Malaysia.

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Think of Ambon Boenda as delicacies with strong history and roots. Layers cake were first made in the 19th century Dutch colonial times in Indonesia. And now we're taking the responsibility of keeping the legacy alive. With traditional ingredients imported from abroad and generations old recipies, cakes are locally crafted with pure love and reverence. Ambon Boenda's layer cakes really makes us smile! I can find the original Indonesian layer cakes there. Pineapple layers roll for your loved ones Shop layers cake.

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Rainbow layers cake symbolising colors in our life Send love to someone. Play video Start the year right with healthy prunes cake Shop now. Welcome to Ambon Boenda Bakery Abous us. Unique flavours you never find elsewhere order online. Slide 1 gallery. Slide 2 SHOP.Using only the best and freshest ingredients, our cakes are made just the way you like it! You can select "Check Out as Guest" on the PayPal page and complete your payment with just your credit card.

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yamazaki cake halal

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yamazaki cake halal

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yamazaki cake halal

Japanese Gift Box 5 Read More.No special occasion is complete without a cake. There's just something about the sweet taste of cakes that compliments a special occasion.

Be it a birthday celebration, a graduation party, a simple gathering, or even the upcoming Father's Day celebration, a cake would be perfect to commemorate these occasions. But then again, you never really need a special occasion to buy a cake right?

I don't know about you but the sweet and delicious taste of cakes is enough to make my day! Even if you feel like eating cake on any normal day, you definitely could with these 10 best bakeries that offer halal cakes for delivery in Singapore!

On top of that, they have beautiful designs such as Marvel characters, Spiderman, Star Wars and even classic designs. For the birthday person who does not fancy ice cream cakes, you could choose to buy them a local-flavoured cake, like Kueh Lapis layered cake. You're definitely spoiled for choice!

Website Facebook Instagram. If you are planning to celebrate Fathers' Day at home with your family, why not order a cake from Butter Studio? Even better when the cake is a customised cake to make the special occasion even more special!

Butter Studio offers a plethora of flavors, namely, chocolate, caramel, raspberry praline and so many more. Image Credit: Butter Studio on Facebook. On top of that, their cakes have such lovely designs like a unicorn our personal favouritesuperheroes, Netflix how cool is that? The cool thing about Butter Studio is that you could order tall cakes taller than the usual cake. These tall cakes do not just look beautiful; they are tasty and worth the money as you could share the goodness with your loved ones.

Image Credit: Modern Warung on Instagram. Modern Warung is a home-based cake shop that is Muslim-owned. They specialise in Burnt Cheesecakes which is definitely the cake flavour of the year as the cheesecake is gooey and the flavours would just burst in your mouth awesome!

yamazaki cake halal

Be sure to place orders in advance as they have a maximum order quota per week. Visit their Instagram page for more information. Image Credit: Julie Bakes on Facebook. For the Ondeh-Ondeh cake lovers like us, Julie Bakes is a must-try! The cake is not just airy, it is also decadent wonderful mix. Upon eating the Ondeh-Ondeh cake, you would most probably stop doing anything else but eat and enjoy it. Additionally, Julie Bakes pride themselves as bakers who bake signature traditional cakes.

Simply drop them a Whatsapp at for orders. Facebook Instagram. This allows you to continuously be teased by the different tastes on your taste buds. Swee Heng Classic is a name not alien to Singapore as they have been around for a long time and has been a hot favorite amongst Singaporeans for as long as we could remember.Desserts are the ultimate indulgence.

Whether it is a slice of cake, sprinkled cupcakes or sweet pastries, desserts are great for so many occasions - celebrations, cheat days, or simply ending off a meal on a sweet note. With the number of halal bakeries in Singapore on the rise, our Muslim friends have more dessert choices to treat themselves to.

Here are the top halal bakeries in Singapore to get your dessert fix. Sweet-toothed or not, these halal desserts are sure to get you on a sugar high.

Fitri Creations Halal Bakery is a grab-and-go bakery with two outlets located in the Sembawang and Yishun and provides delicacies such as cupcakes, pastries and brownies. Some of their bestsellers include ondeh-ondeh cakes, tapak kuda rolls, savoury pastry puffs and cupcakes which come in so many flavours such as Thai Milk Tea Cupcake, Salted Caramel Cupcake and Snickers Cupcake. Fitri Creations Halal Bakery also provides cake customisation services should you want to have a customised cake for birthdays and special events.

Fitri Creations Halal Bakery was founded by Chef Siti Lim, a professional pastry chef with over a decade of experience working in five-star hotels under her belt. Step into a world of fun, comforting and experimental desserts haven. Fluff Bakery has risen to be one of the most popular halal bakeries that many of our Muslim friends patronise.

The fluffy cupcakes have been bestsellers and well-loved for years with over a hundred cupcake flavours. With desserts such as rustic cakes, cheesecakes and tarts, you will be in for a sweet treat.

Where traditional meets contemporary, this halal bakery brings people together. Butter Studio was created to honour the spirit of artisan homemade goodness while infusing a unique and playful spin on familiar home-style baked goodies. Butter Studio also provides tall party and whimsical cakes, perfect for your next party! All Things Delicious is a halal bakery at Arab Street specialising mainly in cakes and pastries. A display of desserts and the smell of freshly-baked pastries will warmly welcome you the moment you step into this bakery.

Winning hearts one cake at a time, All Things Delicious have everything from sweet to savouries such as cakes, brownies, cookies and scones. All Things Delicious is also a cafe so you can munch on a proper meal before indulging in desserts. They also offer wedding cakes and have a catering service for events. Enjoy a fresh crusty sourdough baguette or a rye fudge brownie with a cup of tea to start off your day.

At Mother Dough, the bread is baked fresh daily and entirely handcrafted with artisanal techniques. With a team of dedicated bakers at Mother Dough is ready to bring you desserts like sourdough bread, pastries, croissants and cakes.

Be sure to stop by this halal bakery for some desserts in Singapore. Ameera is a lifestyle writer who enjoys finding the latest beauty trends and everything about event planning. Toggle navigation. Top Halal Bakeries for Desserts in Singapore. Halal bakeries to indulge in cakes, pastries and desserts in Singapore. Visit Butter Studio from time to time to try their seasonal-flavoured desserts.

Location: North Bridge Road,Singapore Ameera Fawzee 26 FebAM Ameera is a lifestyle writer who enjoys finding the latest beauty trends and everything about event planning. More articles by this author.

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